Automate your Shopify accounting with Seller Ledger

The Seller Ledger team is pleased to announce that we now connect directly with your Shopify Store to help automate much of your eCommerce business accounting. As with eBay, Amazon and Etsy, you can link your Shopify store(s) to Seller Ledger and we’ll regularly import your sales and expenses and automatically categorize them for you. Just log into your dashboard and click the “Add Account” button to link your Shopify store.

The flow is a bit different for Shopify than it is for connected marketplaces. After clicking on the button to “Connect to Shopify”, you will be taken to Seller Ledger’s listing on the Shopify App Store. Click the button to “Install” our app, and you will redirected back to Seller Ledger once the connection and proper permissions have been established.

Also, like with eBay, Amazon and Etsy, you can always change how you’d like to see your Shopify information categorized by customizing your settings.

What if I already sync eBay and Amazon with Shopify?

We do know that some users have chosen to sync their eBay and Amazon sales and product information with their Shopify store. But fear not, we only import Shopify store-specific sales from Shopify and ignore any other information from other platforms. To get data from multiple channels, you will need to connect to each channel directly. We do this to maximize the granularity and accuracy of the underlying data, as well as to avoid duplicate entries.

Thanks go out to the current Seller Ledger customers who helped us beta-test the integration with Shopify. If you are a Shopify customer and like the continued automation we’re providing, please consider helping us out with a review on the listing page. It’s a terrific way to help get the word out.