Accounting Software for Shopify store owners

Simple yet powerful, Seller Ledger is designed from the ground-up for eCommerce businesses

Automated record keeping

Seller Ledger directly syncs with Shopify to grab all of your sales, regardless of payment method. We also import directly from other sales channels, banks and credit cards so you spend less time entering data and more time sourcing and selling.

Understand your profits

Seller Ledger tracks all of your order details and fees, including refunds and returned items. Add the cost of your inventory and let us show you the profit of each and every order.

Be ready at tax time

Leave the spreadsheets behind. Seller Ledger does the math to generate a Schedule C tax report for you. We track the sales tax you collect on every order. And we calculate your quarterly estimated tax payment amounts.

How it works

Simplify your Shopify accounting in 4 easy steps

1. Link your Shopify business account(s)

Sign into Shopify and other sales channels from Seller Ledger and we’ll automatically import order and fee information. Do the same with your online bank and credit card accounts .

2. Smart categorization gets you organized

Seller Ledger groups detailed information about your orders, including item sales, shipping collected, sales tax collected and fees subtracted, into the proper categories to help you be organized at tax time.

3. Manage inventory and cost of goods

Avoid stock-outs. See how much you make per order. Track your inventory and profitability at the level of detail that fits your business.

4. See how your business is doing

Monitor your annual and monthly profit and loss, regularly updated with current sales and expense data.

Organize online store transactions for tax time


or $100/yr
  • Up to 250 transactions/mo
or $200/yr
  • Up to 1,000 transactions/mo
or $500/year
  • Up to 5,000 transactions/mo

Free 30-day trial, no credit card required. Pre-paid annual plans include up to 15 months of transaction history, where available.