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Tackling challenges in bookkeeping for eCommerce sellers

  • Automate your Shopify accounting with Seller Ledger

    The Seller Ledger team is pleased to announce that we now connect directly with your Shopify Store to help automate much of your eCommerce business accounting. As with eBay, Amazon and Etsy, you can link your Shopify store(s) to Seller Ledger and we’ll regularly import your sales and expenses and automatically categorize them for you.…

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  • Understand your eCommerce Gross Margin with Seller Ledger

    Seller Ledger is very pleased to announce the release of new functionality to help you track the gross margin in your eCommerce business. What is Gross Margin and why is it important? Gross margin, to put it simply, is how much profit you make on top the cost to create or acquire your products. This…

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  • Record inventory purchase after item has sold

    Do you ever sell an item before you’ve acquired the inventory? How do you account for that? Seller Ledger has a new setting to allow that. By default, when Seller Ledger attempts to match inventory cost information with a sale, we assume that the sold item was purchased before the date of sale. However, based…

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