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Tackling challenges in bookkeeping for eCommerce sellers

  • Add new accounts more easily

    In our continued efforts to make Seller Ledger easier to use, we rolled out some improvements to how accounts are linked and displayed on the Dashboard page The first thing you might notice is that, if you have multiple accounts from the same sales channel or bank, they are now grouped more obviously together: But…

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  • Import Whatnot sales history into Seller Ledger

    We are excited to announce that Whatnot sellers can now import their “ledger” details into Seller Ledger. While Whatnot does not yet provide a public API (which means we can’t automatically grab your transaction history like we can with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify,) they did release the ability to export ledger details in CSV…

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  • Add inventory costs from receipts

    In our continuing efforts to make eCommerce accounting easier, today we announce a big step forward for inventory tracking. In short, you can now take a picture of your receipt and upload it to Seller Ledger. We use the latest “artificial intelligence” technology to extract item cost information from the image and pre-populate the inventory…

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