A Simple API for eCommerce Accounting

Extend your application’s capabilities. Find new opportunities to solve customer problems. Further automate eCommerce operations and financial management. Try Seller Ledger’s RESTful API today.

Ruby client: RubyGems | GitHub

Build something useful in minutes, not hours

Seller Ledger’s API is designed to be simple so developers can be productive in as little time as possible. Don’t believe us? Check out how quickly our non-engineer founder built a simple mileage posting web app.

Things you can do…

Seller Ledger’s API will continue to expand over time. See what’s currently possible:

  • Push mileage transactions from third party apps into Seller Ledger – we calculate the correct deduction based on the date of the trip
  • Download mileage transactions to create a mileage log
  • Edit mileage transactions

Manage inventory stock levels and cost information

Add, edit and delete income and expense transactions

Reports – Coming soon

Download summarized financial data

Request new API functionality

Customer demand drives a lot of how we prioritize development work. That applies to the API too. Let us know what else you’d like to see from it.

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