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Tackling challenges in bookkeeping for eCommerce sellers

  • 1099-Ks are inconsistent – but that’s ok

    Back when we first launched, we wrote a blog post about 1099-Ks and where sellers can expect to find the amounts that make up the total in Box 1a (Gross amount of payment card/third-party network transactions.) At the time, we were referencing eBay’s calculations. But, as we approach the end of the tax year, we’ve…

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  • Consignment Sales and 1099-Ks

    As part of our efforts to further research interesting 1099-K scenarios, we wanted to explore a question that many resellers have recently asked about: consignment sales. What are consignment sales? A consignment sale happens when a reseller (called the consignee) helps another individual or business (called the consignor) sell some of their products for them.…

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  • Accounting for personal item sales that are included in your 1099-K

    By now, most small eCommerce sellers are aware that the annual sales threshold for receiving a 1099-K from online payment platforms is dropping to $600. There is a lot of content out there about what is included in the 1099-K amount, how that can vary from one platform to the next, and ways to make…

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