New Bookkeeping Website for Online Sellers

We’re Seller Ledger and we’re here to automate bookkeeping for online sellers.

Why a new bookkeeping website?

Hi, this is Kevin. I was the founding CEO of, a bookkeeping website for online sellers that eventually became GoDaddy Bookkeeping. As many of you are painfully aware, GoDaddy Bookkeeping was shut down mid-year in 2022. We were not happy with the demise of something we had worked so hard to create.

We then looked at the market to see what alternatives existed and if folks were happy with those solutions. Turns out, not so much. So, we started reaching out to sellers to see if there might be interest in a new bookkeeping website for online sellers. The response was very positive.

So, in a rapid sprint, we’ve put forth a new product called Seller Ledger to fill the gap in the market. Our initial focus has been on eBay sellers, with plans to add additional marketplaces and sales channels soon. With the help of a tremendous group of initial customers/alpha testers, we’ve built and launched a first version of the product.

What Seller Ledger does

Our product helps automate your eBay bookkeeping in 3 easy steps:

1. Import your sales and fee history

Connect your eBay account to Seller Ledger and we will pull in your transaction history every 3 hours.

2. Generate real-time profit and tax reports

We categorize all of your transaction details, including shipping amounts collected and fees charged, showing you an up-to-date profit and loss report as well as a pre-populated Schedule C tax summary.

3. Manually enter other transactions

To complete your financial picture, simply add business transactions we don’t know about, like the cost of items you sold, off-marketplace sales and even mileage expenses.

bookkeeping website for online sellers

We’re keeping Seller Ledger free for the time being, as we continue to add features and functionality. During this time, we encourage prospective customers to reach out to us directly.

The Seller Ledger Team

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3 Replies to “New Bookkeeping Website for Online Sellers”

  1. Sellerledger is a lifesaver! I was at a lost when Go Daddy went away. I was not happy with the alternatives; they were overwhelming and hard to use. Someone in an eBay Facebook group recommended your site. After checking it out, I did a happy dance and immediately signed up. I’m happy to say my accounts are synced and working. My stress level has dropped. I love the clean look and ease of use. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


  2. I am SOOO incredibly happy to see you come back as SellerLedger! I was devastated when GoDaddy ditched Outright! I’m NOT an accountant and don’t have that kind of mind, so QuickBooks is NOT my friend! My husband follows Ina Steiner and she’s the one who led us here. Patiently waiting for Etsy and Amazon to be added in! Doing the Happy Dance!!!


  3. I’m a 25-year veteran eBay seller. When GoDaddy threw me and thousands of others under the bus last June, I was both disappointed and really ticked off. So for my 2022 taxes, I went back to gathering and merging my eBay and Amazon reports, a calculator and pencil, and I filed using TurboTax. In January I was contacted by Kevin at Seller Ledger, who asked me if I’d be willing to volunteer and assist in the development of the platform. I jumped at the opportunity.
    It was well worth it! Although Seller Ledger’s populated Schedule C development was a bit late for my 2022 tax filing in February, I’m all set now for 2023 filings next February. Seller Ledger’s numbers for the year 2022 were right on in agreement with my 2022 tax filings.
    I have also been using Seller Ledger to daily manually enter all my other expenses that eBay doesn’t track, like cost of goods, mileage, shipping supplies and office expenses. It’s a really good feeling to know all the “I”s and “T”s are crossed for easy access here. The automatically populated Schedule C report, Parts I and II, are particularly helpful.
    Keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to a future addition of the Amazon and Etsy sales channels.


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