Connect your Etsy store to Seller Ledger

We are now officially multi-channel!

Seller Ledger now supports a direct integration with Etsy to bring in your product sales, expenses and fee information.

How to link Etsy

From your Dashboard, below your current connected account(s), simply click the “Add Connected Account” button and you will see an updated screen with a new option:

Connect to Etsy
Connect your Etsy store to Seller Ledger

Click on the button with the Etsy logo and follow the steps to give Seller Ledger permission to import your information. If you have more than one Etsy store, just repeat the process for each store.

By default, Seller Ledger will import 90 days worth of transaction history when you connect Etsy. We will then categorize them as follows:

Etsy valueSeller Ledger Category
Order valueProduct Sales
ShippingShipping Collected
Discount amountDiscounts
Refund amountRefunds
Shipping LabelOffice expense
Etsy feesCommissions & Fees

If you’d prefer, Seller Ledger also allows you to customize how you’d like to see your Etsy information to be categorized. Just go to the Settings tab and click the Customize button:

We posted earlier about ways you might want to consider using this feature.

Help spread the word to other Etsy sellers

We have seen a number of posts on the Etsy Community about GoDaddy Bookkeeping going away. If you have a chance, we’d love your help in letting folks there know that a new solution is available.

Let us know what you think

We’re always looking for constructive feedback, so please let us know what we can do to make Etsy bookkeeping easier and better. Email us at [email protected]

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4 Replies to “Connect your Etsy store to Seller Ledger”

  1. Not about Etsy, but when you get Amazon integration set up, let me know and I will sign up in a heartbeat! Outright was an amazing program. I was sorry to see it go. I am using a free spreadsheet at the moment, but I will gladly pay for someone else to sort out all the fees in Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon.


    1. We are planning to work on Amazon next, so I’ll email you when it’s ready to play with:)


  2. I would need Amazon to be added before this is of use to me. I sell on mostly on Amazon, eBay and Etsy.


    1. Fair enough. As it just so happens, we are planning to work on Amazon next. If you don’t mind, I’ll send you an email when we’ve got it working:)


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