eCommerce Accounting API is here

In the spirit of encouraging more automation in the world of eCommerce accounting, Seller Ledger is announcing the launch of a new API (application programming interface.) This will allow third party developers to further extend their product functionality by making it easy to interact with Seller Ledger.

What can I do with an API?

To provide one illustration, let’s take a look at the mileage deduction. There are many third party apps (a lot of them mobile) that do a good job of tracking the miles you drive for your business, but getting that information into your accounting platform can be challenging. Seller Ledger’s first API endpoint allows anyone to upload and access their mileage trips.

We will be expanding support for more areas of eCommerce accounting and welcome suggestions from developers near and far. Please let us know what else you’d like to see.

See it in action

We have designed our API to allow developers to be as productive as possible, as quickly as possible. To demonstrate, our founder built a simple web application and documented his experience.

Start exploring for yourself

Feel free to check out our documentation to learn more about how you can start extending functionality.

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