Know which items make you the most profit

To really understand how to improve your eCommerce business, should know which items make you the most profit. Seller Ledger recently rolled out summary-level gross margin totals on the dashboard of those sellers who track inventory. Now, we have introduce a new “gross profit” report to show you that same information (and more) on a per-item level.

Just go to the Reports tab, and choose the new “Gross Profits” sub-tab:

For each unique item that you well, we will show you how much total gross profit you make, as well as your average gross margin for those items. You can sort by different columns too. This allows you to see which items make you the most profit for your business. Hopefully, this information can help inform your sourcing strategies going forward.

Better cost tracking = better information

It’s important to realize that this report is only going to be as helpful as the information you’ve entered into Seller Ledger. The more “cost” information you provide about your inventory, the more accurate we can report on your sales and profits.

Pro tip

One of the quickest ways to load inventory cost information into Seller Ledger is to upload it in CSV format. Check out our blog post on how to do just that.

For those of you who may be using the cash-based approach to inventory, or simply tracking at the balance level, this new report won’t be particularly useful. But, in case this might motivate you to track at a more detailed level, feel free to go back and see how Seller Ledger can support you.

Help us further automate inventory costs

We continue to look for ways to reduce the amount of effort needed to get what you need out of Seller Ledger. And we understand that tracking inventory is one of the most challenging aspects of running an eCommerce business. As such, we’d love to hear suggestions on ways to improve the ability to get inventory cost information into our platform.

Please email us at [email protected] with your suggestions and we’ll do our best to tackle as many as we can.

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