A few small enhancements for tax season

In an effort to make it even easier to prepare for 2023 taxes, Seller Ledger has rolled out a few small enhancements.

View sales that have no cost information

For those of you tracking inventory at the item level, we’ve made it a bit easier to identify any remaining sales for which you haven’t yet entered cost information. In the Inventory -> Sold view, there is a new filter to allow you to select sales where cost information is missing:

View “in-stock” inventory totals

At the top of the Inventory -> In Stock view, we now show you the total count and cost of all of your unsold inventory:

Mileage totals

At the top of the Expenses -> Mileage view, you can now see both the total number of miles driven, and the total mileage expenses to deduct. In addition, we’ve added date range selectors so you can choose different periods to review:

While these aren’t the largest changes, they do reflect customer feedback about small ways to make the product a bit easier to use, which in turn, makes accounting and taxes less of a pain. Please keep sending us feedback at [email protected].

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