Better insights from eCommerce data with improved filtering.

The Seller Ledger team has released a number of enhancements to help you get more insights from your eCommerce financial data.

View Profit or Loss by Sales Channel

Are you a multi-channel seller? Have you wanted to view the sales and expenses specifically for one of those channels? Well, now you can. We have added a new “filter” under the Profit and Loss report:

You may also notice in that screenshot above, a new report for “Expenses by Vendor.” If you missed our previous blog post announcing that, you can learn more about it here.

Select a date range in Account views

While we have had this available in the Income and Expense tabs for a little while, we also recently rolled out the ability to select a custom date range when you click into any account view from your Dashboard:

More forgiving date selector

We have heard from a number of users that the date selector can be finicky, especially when trying to type in dates (the final value, year, often reacted too quickly.) This has now been improved. If you try typing in the start or end date rather than selecting from clicking the calendar icon, you should see a significant improvement.

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