Better match 1099-K amounts with US time zone support

To help eCommerce sellers better match the 1099-Ks that get filed by online payment providers, Seller Ledger today announced support for local US based time zones.

Why is this important?

When Seller Ledger imports your transaction history from different online sales channels and banks, we receive them with timestamps (which, if you’re curious, might look something like “Tue, 26 Dec 2023 15:14:01.753000000 UTC +00:00”) You may notice the “UTC” in there – that stands for Universal Time Coordinated (it used to be called Greenwich Mean Time) and it’s 5 hours ahead of EST (or 4 hours ahead during daylight savings.)

However, online marketplaces, when providing transaction totals and reports, tend to use the customer’s local time zone to calculate those totals. So, to help make sure you can match the numbers that online marketplaces are reporting (and be consistent with the IRS from year to year,) we have now added the same time zone support.

How do I change my time zone?

To change your time zone, simply go to Settings -> Business and change the time zone like you see below:

That’s it. From now on, Seller Ledger will use your local time zone when reporting transactions.

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